maandag 17 oktober 2011

The 'Schloss' in progress

An entire year has passed since I received the building plans for this dollhouse.
I've put many hours of my time into calculating, measuring, sawing, building and imagining since.

So whats the score at this moment? The dollhouse is almost completely put together. I have all the parts cut out, but I wont assemble it completely. I think I'll be moving in a few years, and I wouldn't be able to get it out of the room or out of the house ever again if I did assemble the house permanently!

So in the pictures the large library wing is still missing, and the huge roof and tower are not included in todays pictures either.

But the good news is that I can start with the interior, and along with that the exterior and neatly finishing all those odds and ends. And it is never to0 early to make flowers for the Schloss!

It's still going to be a german castle/mansion in the middle of the woods, meadows and mountains. So that's why I'll call it a 'Schloss'.

Some of the furniture you see is actually meant for the Schloss, but most of it is from my modern house to help my imagination.

I've bought some wallpaper and other supplies to start the real work. Oh you should see the stock of fabrics I've gathered! It's unhealthy! (I'll show that later!)

Please forgive the messy-ness of it all, the paper things in the hallway is to help design a good stairway.

I wanted to make removable walls but I can't find the material that I'd like. So for the first room I'll try a special thick cardboard, so that I can work on a flat surface and afterward install it into the house.
The house is way to deep to be making everyting straight onto the walls inside in a neat way. And I don't think I want to hear anymore funny comments about being a 'dollhouse-gynecologists'! :P haha

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  1. o, one can imagine how happy you are about this!!! How wonderfull to have so much to do and plan and put in! I am sure it will be perfect!

  2. Oh dear! Never able to get it out of the door again after it is assembled. That isn't happy!
    I am glad you are able to work on the walls. I look forward to seeing what you do. It looks like such a great house. :-)

  3. Hello Anneke,
    What a great project. The shell of Schloss is perfect. I love that the floors are really high and the shape of the rooms look like they'll offer a lot of decorating possibilities. I can't wait to see the library wing put up and to watch Schloss evolve. What a fantastic project! Very well done!
    Best wishes,and keep us posted,

  4. Uw huis is prachtig en de rozen goddelijke.
    Een knuffel

  5. The house is so incredible. I LOVE the size of the kitchen! Most are so small. This will be such an enjoyable project for you. I can't wait to see more. I like what I see already!!

  6. Thank you for the lovely comments! The house indeed offers a lot or room for imagination!

    Catherine, I think it is happy! ;) I love that it is so hugemongous, as I can put everything I ever dreamed of into it. I'll just wait putting it together permanently when we move into a bigger house...someday ;P

    Giac, thank you! The house indeed has so much possibilities. The library wing will be 2 stories high, so double the height of one room, a bit like in the movie beauty and the beast. It is something I've dreamed of a long time to make! Let the decorating commence! Thanks, I'll keep posting as the Schloss evolves!

    Patty, thanks! Glad you like it already! The kitchen is really large indeed, I think it will have a vaulted ceiling because the height is available.