zondag 12 februari 2012

Ice and miniatures

I just realized how long I haven't blogged. There hasn't been much miniature progress lately, real life got in the way ;).

It has been quite cold here in Friesland in the Netherlands. So all the canals froze over. This equals ice skating bonanza/heaven here in Friesland! And you won't hear me complain!

The canal behind my parents house was the ideal place to start and end many ice skating trips, and I've been doing just that this past week!

These pictures where taken very near my parents house. With frozen fingers after quite a few kilometers of skating ;p

This picture shows a view of the village where I grew up.

On the miniature-topic, I finished 1 wall... yes 1. I still have to figure out how I'll create the walls in the bay-window part. I want to make deep sills, but that will be a little difficult to do neatly. But where there is a will...

Meanwhile I'm cutting tons of little veneer strips for the floor. A big room is what I wanted, but that also means a big pile of strips to cut! That's o.k. it's quite therapeutic. And I still need to tackle the mirror for the overmantle.

I'm also working on a tutorial for a chandelier to share with you all... Better stop talking and start working! :D

I should let you all know, that I sent my proxxon saw back to the store and got a completely new one. It makes a different sound and seems to work perfect so far. I'm very happy with how this was solved! (see previous post)