zaterdag 8 februari 2014

Want to attend this wonderfull Ann High miniature woodworking workshop?

This is a actually a message for my Dutch readers, because the workshop will take place in the Netherlands.

I had reserved a place in a woodworking and woodcarving workshop from IGMA fellow Ann High. (this is her website Her work is breathtaking and I wanted to attend this workshop so badly. Unfortunately due to circumstances it became impossible for me to attend.

I feel so guilty for cancelling, since the workshop needed a minimum number of participants. So here is my "offer". If you attend the workshop in my stead, I'll gift you the downpayment.

Here is the link to the workshop
It takes place in 'Elst' on the 22nd  and 23rd of March. There are some really nice and cheap Bed and Breakfasts nearby, I can give you their info if you like.

The main subject would be this Salisbury chair, but you can also make the carved chest instead if you wish.

 If this sounds interesting to you, contact me so we can work out the details! (my email adress is: annekekarel AT hotmail DOT com)