zondag 25 oktober 2009

many dollhouse fairs; many purchases!

Where to start!? This past 2 months I've been to 3(!) dollhouse/miniature fairs, I've seen so many wonderfull things, and I've bought so much stuff! It always feels like a big treasure hunt, and when you find something pretty it's almost like a rush!

I'll try to give an impression of my purchases here, because I can't stop playing with my new thingies! XD I'll warn you, it's alot!

Above an unpainted little desk, I'm so happy with it! It's perfect for my house. The glass vase, chick figurines, glass of irish coffee, and scissors are also bought at the fairs.

heidi ott wall lamp, dieter dorsch scissors (it actually works!), and finally a bright white bunny that doesn't look like a melted teddy bear, but actually looks refined and like a bunny! :D (You've probably seen my sweet little bunny Kronk some posts ago, the reason I'm always on the look-out for pretty little bunny stuff for the house.)

The pictures don't do this wonderfull handmade glass perfume bottle any justice! It's so devine, you can actually open it and the detail is amazing.

Last time I showed you the cottage I made in 1:48 scale right? Well, I think I really like that scale and when I found these kits I couldn't resist! I quickly called my brother on my cellphone to ask if he'd like to make them with me, and he was just as excited. Now we can both build one for the warhammer scenery together, we'll have so much fun! :D

I quickly put one together to see what it would look like, it's loose and I'll take it appart now, but I just had to take a quick peek ;)

This unfinished wood vanity I also found at a fair, as well as the toothpaste on it ;) (I have no bathroom yet ;) )

o.k. this perhaps for a little explaination. The glass cloche is handmade by Leo Rijnders, and it's perfect for my little project...

Allright, I'll let you in on a little secret, promise not to tell? ... good!
Do you remember (Disney's) Beauty and the Beast? The enchanted rose? That's where the glass piece is for! I'm going to make a very special little "look-book" about this beautifull love story. It's a book with a surprisingly different content than usual, instead of paper inside, you'll find the book is a little box when you open it, and a beauty and the beast scene will be inside!
......But don't tell anyone yet o.k?.... I'm still working on it ;)

The lamp is actually 1:24 (half inch scale?) (the other stuff is 1:12) and therefore looks so much more petit than it's 1:12 brother. (wich is almost twice as big!) And petit is just the way I like it ;)

some DIY kits.and some nice kitchentowels from Wilma van Elderen, I still need to shape them and hairspray them into the rigth form.

Allright I'll stop here, I have many more pictures of treasures I conquered, but I'll save those for another time this week ;)

Congratulations you have survived the overload of pictures and my chattering! Thanks for watching! I'm off to play with my new stuff now ;)

donderdag 22 oktober 2009

quarter scale cottage

Last week I've been working on this little project, it's a 1:48 scale cottage (that is quarter scale). I bought a magazine and there was a plan for this cottage inside, but it was ment to be 1:12. But since I already have a huge 1:12 dollhouse that is not even almost finished, I couldn't build it.

But my brother collects warhammer fantasy figurines, the darkelf army to be precise ;)
And together we've been working on a large terrain table for wargaming. The warhammer folk turned out to be exactly 1:48 scale. The cottage seemed to fit perfectly with the rest of the warhammer scenery so I had a great reason to build te beautifull cottage anyway! and I was finished within a few days! :D
(figurine was painted by my brother, the picture doesn't do it justice they look much more wonderfull irl)

I made the door and the windows out of matches, from scratch.

I always play around during a project because I'm to impatient to wait for the final result. The cottage is made of 5mm thick balsa wood.

and here it is finished! I only need to fix the rooftop, finish it of nicely with something.. but I'm still working on that and I couldn't wait anymore to post pictures. ;)

I'm als still working on decorating the outside with all kinds of green, pumkins and plants

I also still need to make a ladder and a bit of furniture. as you can see here, it definitely needs a ladder.

Video toevoegen

maandag 19 oktober 2009


Didn't want to keep this picture from you, it's my beloved pet bunny: Kronk. He is a joy to have around ;)

His "lair" is on the floor in my living room and whenever I'm home I open his cage and he is free to do whatever he wants.

Usually he hops onto the couch to sit and snuggle with me, or he sits under the couch or closet to play with an outdated paper or magazine and other bits and pieces I put under there for him. He follows me around wherever I walk, literaly every step of the way!

And when it's bed time, he hops back into his cage and shoves his foodbin around for me to notice and fill it! After that, we all go to bed.

But sometimes he runs around the room and jumps ski-high and acts all silly until he's all out of breath. Then he just lays on the floor in the middle of the room to catch his breath... and this is what that looks like, isn't he the cutest?

donderdag 15 oktober 2009

DIY kits

Lately I've been building a few of the furniture kits I bought some time ago in Groningen. It was such a pleasure to work on these kits because they fitted perfectly, where very easy to do and the result looked great! Very detailed.

I couldn't help my self but decorate this little side table immediately, because I have boxes full of accessories crying out to be displayed, and a serious lack of shelfs, desks and other surfaces to display them on! ;D
The picture is my boyfriend and me on our most recent holiday in Greece! I love adding these personal details to my dollhouse so much

The table was also a kit, and the chair was unpainted. Please don't mind the rubber band, I wanted the pillow to keep the right shape and it hadn't dried yet.
(my mother said the colors reminded her of the disney movie "beauty and the beast", I thought that was a lovely comment! It made me grin all day XD )

and last but not least, this adorable little bed, it was "love at first sight" and I had to have it! Now it's finally where it belongs! in the little guest room in my dollhouse. I'm planning to paint it white and I allready have the fabrics ready to be sewn.

dinsdag 6 oktober 2009

first entry!

Finally! My first blog entry! I'd like to show some of the things I've been making for my dollhouse the past few days. First up a handfull of color pencils. They are supposed to be on a small desk that I haven't even bought yet, but they where so much fun and so easy to make! Sorry for the bad light, but the weather is quite dark here at the moment.. :(

I also made a shirt, but when it was finished I had nowhere to put it yet in my dollhouse, but on the floor. That's no proper place for a shirt! So I made an ironboard to go with it! Why yes, that's my logic ;)

You may recognize the ironbord from an online tut from Christine-Lia Frisoni.
Maybe you recognize this as well: when I finished the shirt, I "needed" the ironboard, and when the ironboard was finished I "needed" more accessories to put on the board... miniatures are so addicting!
And so.. I made a tiny clothes peg...