woensdag 31 augustus 2011

Byzantine miniature icons and tiniest seashells ever!

I'm back home from a very wonderfull holiday in Greece. Surprisingly and unintended I found lots of wonderfull miniatures during my trip!

First of all, these copies of old Byzantine icons. My pictures don't do justice to the detail in them. They are so small and precise, the pictures don't show it but you can see the relief of the paint strokes, they are so unbelievably small!
This is Saint Demetrius if I'm correct (and please correct me if I'm wrong) and his story

Please do click on the pictures to see the large original size, to see more details.
These icons will go in my new dollhouse in the making, a small castle.

This is Saint George (and here is his story klik)

I found these lovely little statues of the goddes Aphrodite/Venus de Milo and Nike (the headless one) goddess of victory. I think these will look good in a library or garden or something like that in my new dollhouse castle

Last but not least! We were on a beach, for a lazy day in the sun and some snorkling. I was happily bored and I was lazily running some of the grit/sand trough my fingers. I suddenly noticed a tiny tiny seashell in it!

So the rest of the afternoon we've been searching (again, very lazily) for these tiny shells and found many more in the most fantastic shapes and colors!

Please click the pictures to see them larger. I think nature made the most precious mini's ever and I'm glad I found them!

11 opmerkingen:

  1. The icons you found are very beautiful and the timy shells are so cute!

  2. Very lovely goodies ,I adore the statues and what a luck to find such tiny seashells .It would be horrible to make them in this scale and I don't think,that it is possible to make them so detailed.Jeannette x

  3. I LOVE those icons!!! They are just beautiful!!!!
    The statues are lovely. What great miniature finds. Those sea shells are amazingly tiny. I can't wait to see how you use those.

    You must have had a wonderful holiday! :-)

  4. The paintings and sculptures are fantastic! As the shells ... nature is perfect, no matter what scale.

  5. The small icons are beautiful. I have one handpainting icon too. It is in the capel of my dollhouse. The shells are so cute. Minihugs Kati

  6. I love your findings, especially the statues. Nike is my favorite!

  7. THank you! The seashells are truly amazing aren't they!? I'm glad you guys like them as well.

    I'm pleased to hear your praise on the icons, I can't stop looking at them myself, and I think the statues will be used in garden scenery or perhaps built into a niche in the wall of a room or hallway..

    Eliana, I agree, we could never exceed the perfection in nature, and these shells are a great reminder of that, just like the flowers in the garden and the sunlight from the sky.

  8. Hello Anneke,

    thank you very much for visiting me and being a following reader of my blog - you are welcome!

    Your blog looks very interesting indeed.

    Greetings from Bavaria

  9. Hello Anneke,
    Great Blog, I love your work and your explanations. I look forward to seeing more!

  10. Finding unexpected new minis while on holyday is always great! And these of yours look wonderful (I used to reproduce ancient Irish miniatures when I was younger, and still love them so much!)

  11. Wat een mooie vondsten Anneke! Ik ben momenteel aan het "bij lezen" na een vakantie met de familie vandaar mijn ietwat late reactie. Maar wat is het toch leuk om met geschikte souvenirs thuis te komen. De iconen zullen -zeker weten- in het echt nog vele malen mooier zijn dan ze op de foto's al tonen. Net als de beelden van Venus en Nike. Je schelpjes zijn mijn favoriet; ik heb er zelfs een kopfoto voor m'n blog van gemaakt. Inderdaad weet de natuur perfecte miniaturen te maken. We hoeven ze slechts op te rapen :)