dinsdag 13 november 2012

Wood floor... any ideas??

 The floor of the dining room is finally done... and I can't stand to look at it anymore right now haha! This was so much work, cutting every single strip by hand with a knife, sanding, fitting, glueing... I have been working on it every now and then for months and therefore I'm so happy it's done!

Well, almost done that is... I still have to sand it, and oil it. There are also quite a lot of little gaps in there.
But the thing is I'm a little scared to sand it! Can I really just sand the entire surface in any direction now? It seems that if I'd sand it now, there will always be parts that you don't sand in the right direction... And those gaps... could I fill the gaps with a little glue and then just sand the whole thing or would that become a mess...

Maybe some of you who have done this before can give me a hint? What's your experience with this?

Now I can start puzzling with the bay window, it will be quite the angle cutting frenzy!! Also I'm making a chandelier for this dining room, and I'll try to make it into a tutorial.

maandag 5 november 2012

David Iriarte workshop @ Apeldoorn show

I promised to be a more frequent poster, so here I am again! =)

When I found out that on the 26 of October there would be a workshop by David Iriarte in Apledoorn, a day prior to the Apeldoorn dollhouse show, I immediately signed up!

My end result

Stands are being build for the next day

The example picture of the side table we where going to make looked exquisite!  First I was so excited that such an incredible artist was giving such a workshop! Then my excitement sank to an ultimate low when I realised I would have to paint this difficult and intricate pattern on the tabletop myself....

During the workshop

But I bought some tiny tiny paintbrushes, gathered my courage and drove to Apeldoorn for a weekend filled with miniature goodness.

It turned out I my fear of painting was totally unnecessary! David was the most patient, kind and helpfull teacher ever and I ended up enjoying every bit of the workshop so very much, including the painting job!

First result after the workshop

I didn't finish my side table at the workshopday, I am a bit of a slow worker... But I wanted to do it as perfect as possible... and David taught us every technique we needed to finish the work at home.

Finishing at home

Adding more details and shading

During this workshop I learned so much, even from my fellow students! I really hope to take more classes of some kind in the future because it has surpassed my every hope and expectation!


Finished the decorating... on to the patina!
It was so scary to finish with the patina, after all the hard work I was a bit scared I would ruin it. But it turned out very nice I think, it looks nicely aged now. I'm not yet sure in wich colorscheme and in wich room this table would fit best, but finding out is part of the fun!!