donderdag 30 december 2010

building progress

Haven't posted for a while, real life has been very busy.
But during the holidays I found some spare time to work on the 'castle' with my dad.
We've been drawing and sawing every now and then since the summer and now it finally started to come together! We put some walls together and here are some pictures of the first results. (they aren't very sharp but they where taken with a cellphone)

What you see is the front of the first level of the main building. The back of the building will stay open. Just for now I've put in the front door and kitchen window. The walls of the baywindow aren't in place yet, this big open room will be the dining room one day! :)

If you compare this to the finished building on the website where I bought the building plans, you can see that it's only a very small beginning but my imagination is already running wild on this! :D It'll be so different from the ones on the website, more inspired by the beautifull german mansions and castles I've seen on holiday.. but that's still very far away! First I have to build the other 3 levels, the tower, porches, bay windows, 3 leveled west wing...... you get the picture ;)