woensdag 31 maart 2010

slow progress

At the moment the work on the dollhouse is in slow progress, or no progress at all... School is eating up all my time once again! :(

But sometimes I just need to stop working for a few minutes and do something fun, like going outside with Kronk, my bunny, or make just one quick little miniature! Like this basket :D

It's made out of popsicle sticks, coffee stirring sticks, and a toothpick. The contents are just some random things from my miniature odds and ends box

donderdag 25 maart 2010


Spring has definitely sprung! :p There is no denying now!
This beautifull butterfly visits my balcony daily, and today I took this picture of the pretty little visitor!
(please click the image for a better, larger view! You'll see amazing details if you look closely! ;) )

zaterdag 6 maart 2010

dinner table

This beautifull square table I found, and it is just the perfect dinnertable I was looking for! The living room of my dollhouse is quite small, but it needed a dinnertable since the kitchen is way to small for it. This small and delicate table is just perfect I think.

It's still unpainted, I'll paint it when the living room is done so that I can choose the right color for it then.
The table is from a dutch company with beautifull line of furniture and porcelain: http://www.dhminiatures.nl/

dinsdag 2 maart 2010

another award!

I received this award from Ingrid over at http://mijndroomwereldje.blogspot.com/
Thank you so much Ingrid! :D

The rules for the award are:

1.Thank the person that gave it to you.
2.Copy the logo and place it in your blog.
3.Link to the person who you nominate.
4.Name 7 things about yourself that nobody knows.
5.Nominate 7 kreativ bloggers.
6.Post links to the 7 blogs that you nominate.
7.Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know that you nominated them

The 7 people I would like to give this award to are

Synnove at http://synnovesetdukkehjem.blogspot.com/
Evelien at http://ejacreates.blogspot.com/
Coby at http://coby-mijnwereldje.blogspot.com/
Tink-Sonia at http://minitink.blogspot.com/
Nesca at http://dollwithasoul.blogspot.com/
Patricia at http://woolytalesminiatures.blogspot.com
Maia at http://maiastwinkleminiatures.blogspot.com/

7 things nobody knows about me:
1) I study mathematics
2) my bunny-rabbit's name is Kronk
3) I always tell Kronk "Honey, I'm home!" whenever I get home, and no one is around
4) I'm a vegeterian
5) I love eating tomatoes
6) I love pink and green colours
7) I have a little boat. It's "harboured" at my parents house.