woensdag 19 oktober 2011

Schloss dining room in progress

The dining room is the first room I'll work on, since it has been on my mind the longest and the ideas I had for it where the clearest.

I'm working on 'presentation cardboard' whatever that may be (It was the closest thing to foamcore the local craft store had).
The fireplace will be pitchblack, the overmantle off-white just like the panneling. The yellowish wallpaper will be on there and all the corner and framing wood will also be off-white.

I think the floor will be wallnut, but I'm not sure yet.

This picture was the main inspiration for the dining room. It is the frontroom of 'Hid Hero Hiem' in Bolsward. It used to be an orphanage and now it is a monument. I worked at a school nearby and a colleague was involved in the restoration of the whole building and it's rooms. So we went to visit. Needless to say it was very inspiring!

I've written about my compains to the company, I'll post the outcome.

Last but not least I've been having some problems with my proxxon table saw. Perhaps someone can help me out?

Whenever I put it at an 45degree angle, it starts smoking after a short while of sawing! Attaching the vacuumcleaner or not makes no difference. The smoke is not from the wood that is being cut, but comes from inside. The blade is not touching anything as far as I can see... It doesn't seem to be good or normal for such a saw as this one to be smoking at a certain angle...

Today after this happening again, it also gave me little static shocks! I don't feel save using it anymore now... any advice or experience on this matter?

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  1. If the smoke is not coming from cutting the wood Could interior parts need to be oiled? can you open up the case?

  2. I can open it up,I can't really spot anything off in there but I don't have enough knowledge about that part... The machine is so new, I haven't used it that much. When the blade is straight up there is no problem... strangely enough..

  3. Proxxon heeft een goede service ik zou er mee naar een proxxondealer gaan.

  4. Bedankt voor het advies Klara, ik heb een email met mijn klacht naar conrad.nl gestuurd, daar had ik mijn zaag gekocht. Ik laat de uitkomst nog weten!

    Catherine, thanks for helping, I've emailed the company about my complaints and I'll post the outcome of that.

  5. Motors on these saws are sealed and are not meant to be oiled.

    The shock can come from static electricity buildup. Seems unlikely it is a wiring problem if it does not happen everytime you touch the saw.

  6. Hello Anneke,
    I think your method is very smart, especdially for such a big house. I had such a hard time with the detail work in the manor, I really wish I had worked on individual boards.
    Look forward to seeing more,

  7. Thanks Karin. That is quite possible. I'll await the reply of the company.

    Giac, thanks! It is indeed nice to work on a flat board! I saw the pictures on your blog of you practicing dollhouse-yoga!But what counts are the results right? :)

  8. Dear Anneke,
    I can not help you with your hardware, because I only use the cutter and scissors ^^ to work ... but I wanted to tell you that this house will surely be very pretty, and with the style you want to give it, the choice of wallnut flooring will be very good, in my opinion.
    Hugs from Paris. ;)