donderdag 28 juli 2011

The Living room nearly complete

My grandmother asked me to send her some pictures of my dollhouse, because she hasn't got internet. I thought I'd share those pictures here as well, because I realised there are some rooms and new things I've never showed here before!

This is part of the living room. It is almost finished, but still needs some finishing touches like pictures on the wall etc. Since it is a very small house, the dining and living room are combined.
I have tried to acomplish a modern IKEA-like feeling in this house, by making furniture using an IKEA catalogue as example.

I'll show more of the house later on.

donderdag 21 juli 2011


I haven't blogged for a while but I've been doing lots of miniature chores. Eventhough I'm building a new and very large dollhouse, I haven't forgotten about my first/old/small dollhouse! There are still a few chores to do before it is completely finished (as far as a dollhouse can ever be completely finished) and I intend to do so this summer.

I've been finishing the side walls with this brick compound.
The effect is wonderfull! And it is very easy to do. Now I'm going to give these brick walls a touch of paint and make some flowers and planters to put under the windows. How about some red geranium?

Now that I'm finishing up I realized how horrible I find this kit, and I remember all the reasons why I wanted to build a new dollhouse, from scratch with my own ideas and adaptions put in...
This house is a Helena from euromini's and I changed a whole lot about it, but it never became as perfect as I aspired. I would never ever buy a dollhouse kit ever again!