zondag 25 oktober 2009

many dollhouse fairs; many purchases!

Where to start!? This past 2 months I've been to 3(!) dollhouse/miniature fairs, I've seen so many wonderfull things, and I've bought so much stuff! It always feels like a big treasure hunt, and when you find something pretty it's almost like a rush!

I'll try to give an impression of my purchases here, because I can't stop playing with my new thingies! XD I'll warn you, it's alot!

Above an unpainted little desk, I'm so happy with it! It's perfect for my house. The glass vase, chick figurines, glass of irish coffee, and scissors are also bought at the fairs.

heidi ott wall lamp, dieter dorsch scissors (it actually works!), and finally a bright white bunny that doesn't look like a melted teddy bear, but actually looks refined and like a bunny! :D (You've probably seen my sweet little bunny Kronk some posts ago, the reason I'm always on the look-out for pretty little bunny stuff for the house.)

The pictures don't do this wonderfull handmade glass perfume bottle any justice! It's so devine, you can actually open it and the detail is amazing.

Last time I showed you the cottage I made in 1:48 scale right? Well, I think I really like that scale and when I found these kits I couldn't resist! I quickly called my brother on my cellphone to ask if he'd like to make them with me, and he was just as excited. Now we can both build one for the warhammer scenery together, we'll have so much fun! :D

I quickly put one together to see what it would look like, it's loose and I'll take it appart now, but I just had to take a quick peek ;)

This unfinished wood vanity I also found at a fair, as well as the toothpaste on it ;) (I have no bathroom yet ;) )

o.k. this perhaps for a little explaination. The glass cloche is handmade by Leo Rijnders, and it's perfect for my little project...

Allright, I'll let you in on a little secret, promise not to tell? ... good!
Do you remember (Disney's) Beauty and the Beast? The enchanted rose? That's where the glass piece is for! I'm going to make a very special little "look-book" about this beautifull love story. It's a book with a surprisingly different content than usual, instead of paper inside, you'll find the book is a little box when you open it, and a beauty and the beast scene will be inside!
......But don't tell anyone yet o.k?.... I'm still working on it ;)

The lamp is actually 1:24 (half inch scale?) (the other stuff is 1:12) and therefore looks so much more petit than it's 1:12 brother. (wich is almost twice as big!) And petit is just the way I like it ;)

some DIY kits.and some nice kitchentowels from Wilma van Elderen, I still need to shape them and hairspray them into the rigth form.

Allright I'll stop here, I have many more pictures of treasures I conquered, but I'll save those for another time this week ;)

Congratulations you have survived the overload of pictures and my chattering! Thanks for watching! I'm off to play with my new stuff now ;)

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  1. Wow!!1 All are mini wonderful tresures!! I am in shocked with the furniture and the tiny perfume glass bottle, and the scissors and ...everything so beautiful!!
    Three fairs? Lucky woman!! :)

  2. Lovely I'm really envious!!! I love everything but the tiny perfume bottle is to die for. Have a nice evening Rosanna

  3. You have bought some wonderful pieces....I agree with Rosanna about the perfume bottle....all beautiful.

  4. thank you all very much for the sweet and nice compliments!:D I'm happy you like my treasures!

  5. Congratulations!!

    The mini desk are adorable,you buy very interesting pieces,all are great!!