donderdag 15 oktober 2009

DIY kits

Lately I've been building a few of the furniture kits I bought some time ago in Groningen. It was such a pleasure to work on these kits because they fitted perfectly, where very easy to do and the result looked great! Very detailed.

I couldn't help my self but decorate this little side table immediately, because I have boxes full of accessories crying out to be displayed, and a serious lack of shelfs, desks and other surfaces to display them on! ;D
The picture is my boyfriend and me on our most recent holiday in Greece! I love adding these personal details to my dollhouse so much

The table was also a kit, and the chair was unpainted. Please don't mind the rubber band, I wanted the pillow to keep the right shape and it hadn't dried yet.
(my mother said the colors reminded her of the disney movie "beauty and the beast", I thought that was a lovely comment! It made me grin all day XD )

and last but not least, this adorable little bed, it was "love at first sight" and I had to have it! Now it's finally where it belongs! in the little guest room in my dollhouse. I'm planning to paint it white and I allready have the fabrics ready to be sewn.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Love the Chair and little side table..

  2. Hi Anneke, thank you for following and congrats on your work. I love it, the cloth pegs are amazing. Can I ask you who makes the kits? they are so good.Have a nice evening Rosanna

  3. Hi Rosanna, thank you for following me too, and for te compliments! :D
    The cloth pegs are not from a kit. I made them from scratch, from one wooden match. I cut of two tiny woodchips with a sharp knife, and then I filed them into the right shape. I then made a very thin metal thread into shape, around a needle and glued the pieces together. :D thanks for your interest! Have a nice day,

  4. I love furniture kits, and I have made all three of these....I think I must have given the bed away...silly me, your looks wonderful!!

    Regards, Linda

  5. You've done a very nice job with your furniture!
    I'm peeking at your accessories! I hardly have any and your are so cute!