zondag 14 augustus 2011

bedroom makeover in progress

I've been working on the bedroom, I got really caught up in it and by the time I remembered to take pictures it was already dark outside. Please forgive the poor quality of the pictures, my camera doesn't work to well when there isn't enough light.

The pillows where to small to make on the sewingmachine, so I stitched them by hand, and filled them with this black grit, meant as decoration in vases for example. It makes the pillows nice and heavy and easy to manipulate into a realistic 'fluffy' shape.

The blanket covers where made on my sewing machine and the extra blanket is felt that I fringed at the ends. To make everything look as if it is heavy and fluffy, small strips of double sided tape turned out to be very helpfull ;)

I also made a new floor for the bedroom. I used 3mm triplex and my new proxxon table saw to make the woodstrips, and I really like this much better than making floors out of lollipop sticks!

Behind the floor on my table are the curtains in progress and a little dresser. The dresser was my very first try with the proxxon saw and that machine scared the cr*p out of me! It even shot a tiny bit of wood onto my forehead! lol! But the end result is nice I think, and I learn a lot playing around with the saw, growing less and less afraid of the thing each time I use it ;)

Last, this blurry picture of the made over bed. I stained it a little more, raised the mattress and dressed it completely anew. I like it much better this way, more mature than the green don't you think?

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  1. A complete change over for the bed and it really looks great.

  2. Shooting wood at your forehead is called kickback. It is caused by the fence on your table saw being narrower at the rear of the saw blade than at the front. That is trapping the wood in a pinching situation so that it tosses the board back at you. For your safety you must adjust your fence properly as you don't want to lose an eye. You don't want to startle yourself when it happens and end up cutting your hand on the blade.

    But even if the fence is properly set up you can also get some kickback if you don't keep the wood you are guiding through pushed over against the fence as you move it through the saw. Remember that as the saw blade is cutting through the wood that blade is spinning towards you so the wood will indeed fly back towards your body and face as will sawdust.

    When I teach beginners how to use a table saw I have them lower the blade and with the saw off practice pushing wood against the table and along the fence as if they are cutting it. Next do it with the motor on but the blade still lowered so they get used to the noise. Only when they are comfortable that they are in control of the wood do they make the first real cuts.

  3. The bed looks lovely and keep a healthy fear of the saw, it is so easy to get complacent around power tools and that can be dangerous to our fingers!!!!

  4. Thank you for the comments, I'm glad you like the bed!

    Also thank you for the tips and tricks Karin and Elga. I will keep that in mind!
    I will always keep a healthy fear for that saw, and there is also my dad who can help me out when I don't know how to do it or don't dare to do it! (He built an entire 11 meter boat, spending many hours behind a table saw which proves very helpfull)

  5. It's a very nice bedding!
    And you'll get used to the saw, I have one too and I couldn't imagine building furniture without it :)
    Hugs, Pia

  6. Szép a színösszeállítás! A padló is nagyon jól néz ki!

  7. Thank you all! I'm glad you like the new bed! And Anda, thank you for the compliment on the colors! I really had a sleepless night about choosing the right color sceme! :)