donderdag 21 juli 2011


I haven't blogged for a while but I've been doing lots of miniature chores. Eventhough I'm building a new and very large dollhouse, I haven't forgotten about my first/old/small dollhouse! There are still a few chores to do before it is completely finished (as far as a dollhouse can ever be completely finished) and I intend to do so this summer.

I've been finishing the side walls with this brick compound.
The effect is wonderfull! And it is very easy to do. Now I'm going to give these brick walls a touch of paint and make some flowers and planters to put under the windows. How about some red geranium?

Now that I'm finishing up I realized how horrible I find this kit, and I remember all the reasons why I wanted to build a new dollhouse, from scratch with my own ideas and adaptions put in...
This house is a Helena from euromini's and I changed a whole lot about it, but it never became as perfect as I aspired. I would never ever buy a dollhouse kit ever again!

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  1. ¡Qué maravilla! Está quedando genial. La plantilla para los ladrillos ¿también la has comprado allí? Me encantaría hacer algo así en una de las casas que he comprado en el mercadillo.
    Los geranios rojos le irían de maravilla, pero también puedes ponerlos alternando colores :-) Mira los que he puesto hoy en mi blog:

    Un beso y felicidades por lo bien que está quedando la casa.

  2. el efecto es maravilloso, pero el trabajo mucho...

  3. I had trouble using that product but your bricks are lovely :)

  4. Thank you for your comments and for joining my blog!

    @My Wee Life:
    The product can be a bit tricky, I tried on a bit of scrap wood first. I found out that just a little bit to much water can already turn it into a disaster, so I added the water drop by drop. I waited for each new aplied part to dry, otherwise I would have messed it up with the stencil.. Perhaps that could help you a little?

  5. Te está quedando precioso, esos ladrillos con ese sistema, son una maravilla.
    Un abrazo

  6. me encanta tu blog!!!!!!! te felicito por tu casa, es hermosa!!!