maandag 20 juni 2011

some inspiration

When I'm not building or working otherwise on one of my dollhouses, I like to read and daydream with some books. I have collected quite a few house/castle/dollhouse/interior/exterior related books the past few years, some are special and dear to me, others a lot less special but very usefull all the same.

In the first picture you see a booklet with postcards from France. I bought it on my first holiday that I went on, without parents but with my boyfriend. We visited chateaux Rosanbo, such a tranquil and enchanting little place it was!

No picture taking was allowed. Lucky enough there was a small stand with only postcards and pens for sale, and the booklet are the only images I have of the fabulous interior and exterior. That, and those in my photographic memory offcourse;)
This one is a lot less special but nonetheless very usefull! I bought it at the bookshop "de slegte". It is a very heavy and large book, full of lovely pictures and some usefull background information on european gardening styles for estates and casltes. It is very inspirational since I will have to do a lot of exterior work on my castle-like dollhouse soon! ;)

And so my bookcollection is ever growing :)

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  1. You have a great source of inspiration! ... When we dream we are closer to reality ...
    Thank you for visiting my blog and become a follower. : D

  2. thank you for your comment Eliana, and thank you for becomming a follower!