maandag 14 juni 2010

under the stairs

Here is something else I've been working on in the dollhouse, I've been making a cupboard under the stiars.

My dollhouse is the "helena" kit from Euromini's, but while I was planning and designing how it should look, I became ever more unsatisfied with the entire house. The way it openend, the lack of windows and doors, the redicoulus bathroom-room (if you walk up the stairs you'd end up in the middle of the bathroom, now who would want that!?). There where all kinds of things that annoyed me about the house.

And so I'm altering almost everything, from adding windows (at least 6 of them up until now!) to placing many extra walls and doors.
The good news is, I'm starting to like the house more and more with every little project.

This cupboard is one of those alterations. I made a little light in there and the door can actually open and close. I'm still looking for a suitable doorhandle. And I'm now working on the banisters, then the kitchen will finally be finished, ready to play with the details! ;)

16 opmerkingen:

  1. Me encanta la reforma que le has hecho, la cocina gana muchisimo son la escalera con el aramario debajo.
    Enhorabuena, ha sido una gran idea.
    besitos ascension

  2. I love your kitchen very much. All of it.
    The first time I saw the kitchen I was not shure is it real or not.
    The cupboard under the stairs is great.


  3. The stairs look really good :) And I know about not liking the layout, I don't like it either when the houses have these stupid layouts that wouldn't work in the real world, so I'm doing lots of altering also :)

  4. Prachtig! Leuk dat er ook een lampje in zit. Vind je fornuis ook erg mooi!

    groetjes Evelien

  5. That's some really tricky woodwork there! Well done, Anneke!

  6. what a great idea, and it has turned out fabulous! So smart to put a light in there first!

  7. Great idea! Very well done! Love the light! :D

  8. The cupboard under the stairs is a good idea!

  9. Beautiful job on the house. I can see you are a perfectionist.

  10. I love that little cupboard under the stairs!

  11. Leuk en handig onder de trap een ruimte maken. Bij mij is er WC onder de trap heb ik ook gemaakt.

  12. es una gran idea, en mi casa tambien tenia cosas que no me gustaban y las cambie, las escaleras entre ellas, pero su solucion me gusta mas que la que yo le di.
    hizo un gran trabajo con el armario.
    un abrazo

    It is a great idea, in it my marries also tape-worm things that I did not like and it changes them, the stairs between them, but his solution I like mas that that I him gave.
    It did a great work with the cupboard.
    An embrace

  13. Your doll house is adorable I love it and you are doing a wonderful job on it.

  14. I like your new stair! More practical! And the lighting is great!