vrijdag 2 april 2010


After a few days of rain, the sun is shining again and I'm quite happy about that! My little plants really needed more sunshine. In front you see cherrytomato plants, basil and parsley on the background. If the sun keeps on shining the way it does, most of my plantsies will need relocating soon! :D yaay!
(I'm not sure what the official words are in English, so I'll just say relocate ;) )

3 opmerkingen:

  1. They look quite fresh with the promise of new growth! My iris and daylily leaves are coming up nicely and other plants that will bloom soon are growing, too! Don't you love spring?!


  2. I hope you get much sun! Here it turned completely wintery again: grey, rain, and so much wind... Very hard after the nice days we were beginning to have!
    Happy easter. :)

  3. Jody: Sounds wonderfull! Spring is wonderfull! :D
    Maia: thank you, I hope so too because here too the days are cloudy again! :(

    Happy easter! :D