woensdag 31 maart 2010

slow progress

At the moment the work on the dollhouse is in slow progress, or no progress at all... School is eating up all my time once again! :(

But sometimes I just need to stop working for a few minutes and do something fun, like going outside with Kronk, my bunny, or make just one quick little miniature! Like this basket :D

It's made out of popsicle sticks, coffee stirring sticks, and a toothpick. The contents are just some random things from my miniature odds and ends box

13 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi, Anneke, school has to take it´s time, but it´s great that you still gets some miniwork done, this is great. So what you call no progress is just progress working slowly but steadily!
    Love, Susanne

  2. en ocasiones los pequeños trabajos causan gran satisfacción, no es cierto?

    In you cause the small works they cause great satisfaction, it is not true?

  3. So simple yet so cute! I have tons of popsicle sticks but can't ever figure out what to make with them! Thanks for the explanation!


  4. This is a great creation! Very realistic and yet simple. I will have to make some too :).

  5. It's really nice, I'll have to try to make me one also :)

  6. It's a lovely creation. And thanks for letting us know how you made it.

  7. Thank you al very much for your wonderfull comments, it really overwhelmes me to see so many of you have replied, and with such sweet and encouraging words! :D
    Slowly but steadily my progress is indeed! And though small and little, it's indeed very satisfying work.

    Shall I make a tutorial on the basket? Or can people work it out by looking at the picture? Would you like me to make a tutorial?

  8. Hi Anneke - this looks so lovely!

    I'm happy to tell you that you've won a set of baskets on my giveaway! Congratulations!
    Would you please send me your address?

    Glenda at Peppercorn Minis

  9. Thank you so much Glenda! I have emailed you my adress! I'm very happy to win such a beautifull set!! :D

  10. It is so cute, really well done!