dinsdag 12 april 2011

More brass turnings!

Yesterday I stopped by my dads work to do some more brass turning! He said doing a larger piece would be easier to start with than a real tiny one. So we choose a larger drawing I made, to start with.

We had a lot of fun doing it and I'm so impressed with his skills! I knew he has a very good metalworker-education but to see it in action is jawdropping! He turned this by hand! No computers or anything involved!

The result of yesterdays afternoon you can see in the pictures. It is a floor vase.
It is not yet finished, we will put it back on the lathe and polish it. Then we'll cut the vase from the bar. In the picture below, I cut off the part of the picture where we will also cut off the bar part, so you get an impression of what it will look like.

As you can see I have put some extremely non-matching roses in there, but you can also see a tiny 'maroon coloured' start of my new flower project in there ;)

I'm going to make a very large flowerarrangement and it'll be large enough to fill this wonderfull floor vase to the brim. So I'm extra happy about this first turning attempt of dad and me! See how nice the maroon and brass go together?!

I'm so lucky to have such a handy dad :D

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat heerlijk dat je samen met je vader iets kunt maken! En ook geweldig om de beschikking te hebben (nou ja min of meer dan) over zoveel machines. De vaas wordt erg mooi!

  2. Your turnings look wonderful, congratulations!

    I also love to turn metal on a small lathe. You can use sand paper to refine and polish the piece while the lathe is still turning graduating the sand paper down to 600 grit.

    Now you have to try making a light fixture. :-) I know it will be great what ever you do.

  3. Well done, it looks very professional!

  4. That's going to look really impressive when it's in it's setting! Well done Dad and you!

  5. Looks like I've missed quite a few posts over here! These brass vases are really great, how handy to have a handy Dad :)

  6. I love these brass vases. Good to have a dad like yours.

  7. Again I thank you for all the kind and wonderfull commentes! It makes me and my dad very happy you like our vases, process and progress! My dad was delighted to see that I made blogposts about our turning, and delighted to read all the nice things you said!

    Thanks for the tips Catherine! We first use a vile, then sandpaper: indeed graduating down to a very fine grid, after that steelwool, polishingpaper and then a touch of 'commandant'! I find your metalwork so impressive, it's an honour you like ours! :D