maandag 28 maart 2011


I have been making roses all week to relax a little from school, it was quite a difficult week for me and making flowers calms me down! :) I had fun coming up with my own techniques to make roses without a kit or pre-made materials.

Again the pictures are taken with my boyfriend his awesome new camera, I'm amazed how many things it can do and embarrassed about how little I know about cameras! XD

The glass vases are from Glasscraft, the easterbunny and wooden cup I bought at a fair, the eastereggs and basket I made myself.

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Your roses are just gorgeous, I like the dark green leaves, it looks just like the ones in my garden!!!!

  2. Well done Anneke! The roses look beautiful, and the basket too. I bought the same cute little easter bunny at the fair :)
    Those modern cameras are pretty cool.

  3. BEAUTIFUL! Everything looks so realistically life like. What materials did you use for your lovely roses? I would love to try making flowers.
    Thank you for sharing your tiny gems with us.

  4. It took a while for me to even notice these were miniatures... @.@
    Just been looking through your blog a while and all I can say is... wow! You're really talented at making minis! *w*
    Amazing work!

  5. Ohhh...your roses are wonderful, and one single rose in a pretty vase is so elegant. I have to have a go at making roses soon :0)

  6. I haven't had post notifications from your blog recently so I've missed out on seeing the gorgeous work you've been doing :(

    All of your flowers are wonderful and the little basket is so perfect! I especially love the hortensia because it's one of my favourite flowers.

  7. Me encanta la rosa amarilla¡¡¡ bueno las dos, y la cesta me parece encantadora, felicidades a tu novio tambien por las fotos, yo aprovecho mi novio tambien para q me haga las fotografias.....nosotras miniaturas, ellos fotografias, jejjee.

  8. Wonderful miniatures and great photos. Like the roses and basket very much :-)

  9. Thank you all so much for the wonderfull compliments, it really makes my day to read them!
    I'm so glad you all like my roses!