zondag 27 februari 2011


After finishing the hortensia, I wanted to make some more plants!
So I also dusted of my Orchid kit from VaRIAatjes, wich was covered with dust just as much as the hortensia.

It was more difficult, and more fiddly but I'm very pleased with the result.

I realised that I have made quite a few plants for someone who claims not to like making plants :P
Well I think I've cought the plantmaking virus because I'm shopping for more kits now!

12 opmerkingen:

  1. A beautiful selection. They are addictive! The orchid is gorgeous and looks well worth your effort.

  2. They are all beautiful and beautifully done. Rosanna

  3. They are all so gorgeous! You have done a fine job on each one. Especially your newest. I can't imagine the patience it must take!

  4. Your plants are soooo beautiful! I would love to learn this.

  5. All your plants are great, especially the last one, the orchid.

  6. Thank you all very much for the compliments on the plants and on the orchid! It was indeed such a fiddly job I had to walk away from it several times to focus my eyes on something 1:1 in the distance because it almost made me cross-eyed!
    Glad the orchid shows the effort :D I can really recommend the workshop kit!

  7. Preciosas, no se puede hacer mejor y más bonitas

  8. Beautifully made flowers! I also love your profile photo :)

  9. Wauw Anneke, je plantjes zijn heel mooi, vooral de Orgidee,heb je die ook zelf beschilderd, of was dat al zo in het pakketje.

  10. Your plants look wonderful, you're very talented! I love the orchid, they're my favourites in 1:1 too :)
    Greetings, Pia

  11. Thank you very much for the kind comments!

    Maria, de blaadjes waren deels beschilderd om naar eigen smaak af te werken. ;)