vrijdag 16 april 2010

beautifull gifts from Glenda

Today I received the give away items Glenda made; this beautifull basket set! I'm very happy with these, the colors fit very well with my dollhouse! The detail is amazing and they are so delicate i.r.l.!

When I finish drilling and sawing huge holes for windows in my dollhouse, I'll take some pictures of these inside my house in a nice place/scene.

Thank you so very much Glenda! I'm very happy with your beautifull items!

I also want to wish Glenda and her family all the strength they need right now, and I wish her mom will have a healty and swift recovery.

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  2. Hello I have an award for you on my blog, I hope he gets a nice spot.

    Greetings Coby

  3. So pretty and with a different pattern. Really nice Rosanna

  4. Felicidades consiguio usted unas cosas muy bonitas, espero que las disfrute.
    un abrazo

    Congratulations you obtained a few very nice things, I hope that he enjoys them.
    An embrace

  5. Whaow. What absolutely beautiful baskets. They are so so unusual and delicate. Lucky you! Best wishes, Carol :)

  6. Thank you for the comment you left me, it made me very happy. :) I'm really enjoying making the shoes! I'll be sharing some more shortly...

  7. Anneke, thank you for your comments about my little drawer. :) I used a thick cardboard for all the pieces. I then used one or two coats of Gesso. After this, I used four coats of paint and then I varnished it.
    You noticed the shoes. :) These are my latest pair! I just love making them.