zondag 28 februari 2010

kitchen progress

Pictures of the kitchen so far. It still isn't finished, it needs shelves and the ceiling is still unfinished, but I'm very happy with the results so far! :D
It was quite a lot of work. I made a window in one wall, a hood over the stove, claytiles behind the stove. I made the wooden floor, sanding and cutting with endless patience! Painted the cabinets, replaced the sink with a selfmade one, the list goes on and on.
Many of the little details I bought at fairs, and many I made myself, or are at least "pimped" by me ;)

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  1. The Kreativ Award I would like to pass to you much love Ingrid
    You can pick up the award on my blog

  2. It's looking really nice. I lvoe the window in that wall, really opens the space up. I've been wondering about putting side windows in a huose I've just started working on - this has convinced me it's worth doing :)

  3. I had to enlarge this picture to be convinced it was miniature!!!!!
    You have done such a wonderful job with it!!! I love every detail :)

  4. When can I move in?? ;) This looks great! I'd love to have an oven like that in my dollhouse! And the window looks very good too!

    groetjes Evelien

  5. Thank you all for the wonderfull comments!

    Norma I'm glad my pictures helped you out, I know it's awfully scary to start drilling and sawing in a perfectly good dollhouse, but it's really, really worth it I think! Just be sure to really take the right measuremenst before you start! I almost made the hole to big!

    Synnove & Evelien, thank you so much for your compliments, it really makes my day to read such sweet words about my house! :D

  6. Anneke Cuando encuentro blogs como el tuyo, me alegra mucho, por que puedo admirar cosas realmente hermosas ¡Felicidades! por todo tu trabajo ( =
    Esta cocina me encanta!!