vrijdag 20 november 2009

school project

For school I had to make a didactic model, that could be used as a teaching tool in one of my classes. We were free to pick a subject since it only was for practice, and here is the result.

It's a model I can use in my class to explain how the formula for calculating the surface-area of a circle came to be.
The original idea is not mine. This concept is very old. This is just my interpretation of it, adjusted to my wishes and I think I added some extra possibilities.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. ahhhh... math. My other passion :)
    ..scares away so many people! I used a string with 3 knots in it to demonstrate to the kids a 345 triangle & trigonometry. Give 3 kids one knot, let them pull tight, and it always forms a perfect right triangle. shorten any of the strings and they can see the effect of how the change of angles relates to the changing leingths first hand :)
    Your use of opposing colors makes a great demonstration! *cheers* -Ron

  2. Great for art or math. Love this project! Great job! And thanks for visiting me! Happy New Year!!!

  3. Thank you both for your response! math scares away so many people and to receive such lovely comments was very encouraging for me! :D
    I love your idea Ron and I'll defenitely remember that for the day one my classes/groups reach a geometry chapter!

    Thanks again Ron and Coralie! Happy New Year to you too! :D

  4. its a good trick! Shows when the strings are not slack and pulled tight a 3-4-5 triangle is always a right angle :) Did you see my wood sculptures on my Flickr page? They have triangles galore! -Ron